Unlock Your Netflix

Gain access to all the USA based titles on Netflix and tons of other online streaming services from anywhere in the world. You now longer have to settle for the offerings available in your country!

Why Unblock Us?

UnBlock Us was the first to the market in the SmartDNS arena. They have the most customers and the best support for a reason. You cannot beat the price either. And last but not least, they are based on Canada!

Easier Than a VPN

SmartDNS is much easier to setup than a traditional VPN. With a virtual private network, there is way more configuration needed on a router. With a SmartDNS provider, it is just a matter of editing two sets of numbers.

Device Compatibility

Unblock Us can be setup on any and every device you can image such as Playstation, XBox One, Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Kindle, all Apple devices, smart TVs and any Windows or Mac computer.

Easy to Setup

Our top pick, UnBlock Us, is a breeze to setup as there is no software to install. It's simply a matter of entering some numbers on any of your compatible devices!

No Strings Attached

Sign up for your exclusive free trial with no credit card information whatsoever. They do not need your whole life story. Just sign up and starting using it! The end.

Unleash USA Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, BBC and more now!

Get 7 Days for Free (No CC Required)

Many Netflix subscribers in Canada and other foreign countries are unhappy with the Netflix offerings in their region and want the American Netflix titles instead as it contains at least double the amount of movies and television shows. WatchUSANetflix has done the testing and research on the best VPN and SmartDNS providers that allow you to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO, Spotify and a ton of other online streaming services. Such services are great for people that do a lot of traveling and the military for example. All our time and energy has concluded that Unblock Us is the top choice, especially for Canadians (see below)!

Why Unblock Us?

There are a number of reasons we chose UnBlock Us over other VPN and SmartDNS providers. First, Unblock Us was the first to market and currently has the largest customer base. They also use SmartDNS technology. SmartDNS enables a client, such as a computer or mobile device, to access region-restricted or blocked content from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can setup the service in minutes as there is no software to install and it is just a matter of entering in exclusive DNS ip addresses into your compatible device. Speaking of compatibility, their service works on all PC, Mac, Linux, Apple iPhone, iPad tablets, Android devices, Amazon Kindle, Boxee, Roku, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, Sony PS3, Sony PS4, PS Vita, Apple TV, Google TV, WD TV Live devices, Blu-ray players, many web enabled televisions and most network routers. In other words, it works on anything and everything. Unblock Us also tested faster than all their competitors and when it comes to streaming, speed matters big time!

Finally, the price is unbeatable. We tell everyone to start off with a free trial as it provides you with 7 days to see how you like it yourself. Since there is no credit card information needed to sign up, you have nothing to lose. You will not be automatically billed or any of the other typical nonsense that goes on with free trials. You do not like it, stop using it. No Strings Attached. However, if you do, you can get the first month for only 99 cents and or pay $49 for a whole year which equates to getting two months for free.


Exclusive Savings for all Canadians

Unblock Us is a company with strong Canadian roots. Because of that, Canadian citizens are billed in CAD rather than USD. With the current exchange rate, that leads to savings of over 30% over the competition that bills in US dollars. You can save money and support your country in one shot!

In a Nutshell...

The best SmartDNS aka service unblocker is Unblock Us because its the most established company in the space, has the no obligation free trial with no credit card required, is a breeze to setup, works on all devices known to man and is the fastest on the market. If I was on stage right now, I would drop the microphone and walk off…

Unblock Us Options

Please note that all Canadian customers are charged in CAD (not USD) providing savings of over 30% over the competition!

7-Day Free Trial
  • No CC Required
  • No obligation. Cancel anytime.
  • 500+ Channels
  • 24/7 Unrivaled Support
99 Cent Special Offer (POPULAR)
$0.99 CAD
  • Exclusive Canadian Coupon
  • No obligation. Cancel anytime.
  • 500+ Channels
  • 24/7 Unrivaled Support
1 Year Special Offer
$49.90 CAD
  • Exclusive Canadian Limited Time Deal
  • Equates to 2 months free!
  • No obligation. Cancel anytime.
  • 24/7 Unrivaled Support
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Started Unblock Us trial then signed up for a year. For the price, its a no brainer. It's also much faster than other services! Thanks for the recommendation.
Jason Lehner
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